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Monday, August 30, 2010

Energy Tech: The next great American Industry?


  The Bloom Box and Biobutanol; these are just 2 more of many growing possibilities for the re-vitalization of American Industry. The massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, as tragic as it was may be exactly what the doctor ordered to get the American economy back "to work making things" which is it's only hope for sustainability. By focusing the country as never before on alternatives to fossil fuels, demonstrated by this tragedy to be  more costly than we could ever have imagined, it appears to be stimulating emergence of the possibilities for industrial growth to meet that challenge at a rapid rate.  
     Diversity is the key to stability. Nature is making this more and more evident all the time to mankind as the price for our industrial tunnel-vision of the past becomes more and more crushing. Energy supply is no exception to this incontrovertible LAW OF NATURE. Combined with the unrivaled entrepreneurial nature of American life, this challenge can re-establish the US as a world industrial power.
      We're already seeing wind energy growth in the form of the rapidly multiplying numbers of "wind-farms" appearing across the Midwest. There are new developments in cost and efficiency in solar cell tech almost weekly. And now we have these 2 technologies, fuel cells and waste biomass sourced butanol showing rapid progress toward industrialization right here in the old USA. As still the world's largest consumer economy, we can surely supply ourselves from our own waste with enough raw materials for production of  the "stuff" of dominance in both of these fields of energy technology.