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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Troy-Bilt Flex System for Homeownwer Yard Care

    This is an intriguing design for a single power unit that connects to a  variety of functional front ends. It's very inventive and "out of the box" engineering. That's what I like about it. What's not so inventive and out of the box about it is that it is COMBUSTION POWERED! I see no logical reason why it shouldn't be adapted to battery / brush-less DC motor powered operation. In fact that would make it a FAR more efficient user of energy and since the mechanical design could be FAR simpler, a more reliable system. 
    How is the latter possible? It is an unavoidable fact that mechanical linkage consumes far more power than electrical connections and wiring do in such close distances. Mechanical linkages are also far more complicated and all parts of them subject to physical wear under use that electronics and simple wire connections are not subject to. 
    The obvious way to switch it over from gas to battery energy source would be to make the power unit just the battery and wheel drive unit with electrical power delivery electronics and minimal electrical control and power delivery connections to the functional units. Each functional unit would have it's own specific purpose designed motor(s) and some function specific control electronics. Today's electronic power delivery control systems operate CONSIDERABLY more efficiently and reliably than mechanical power delivery systems.

    For example; the mower front end would be best designed with separate identical brush-less DC motors for each blade. That reduces the mechanical linkage to ZERO. The best design for the power unit's wheel drive would likewise be a brushless DC motor for each wheel achieving the same mechanical simplification. 

Cub Cadet RZT Zero Electric Riding Mower

     I cite the years on the market now Cub Cadet RZT Zero Electric Riding Mower as prime example of this electrical power design concept. Also every other currently available twin blade electric mower I'm aware of uses direct connected motors for each blade.
Flex System Snow Thrower Unit

     Same would be true of the snow thrower unit with separate brush-less DC motors directly connected to the auger and vertical impeller , possibly somewhat different in design per the 2 functions.  

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