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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Regional Airlines: programmed for disaster?

     Speaking of "smaller government" per 

the deregulation of the airlines: Pay no 

attention to the airline issuing the 

ticket or with which your regional flight 

aircraft is labeled. You are most likely 

being flown by a contractor 

corporation to that major airline that is 

not required to meet anywhere near 

the same safety regulations as the 

labeled major and is inspected by the 

FAA. The FAA's mission statement has 

always listed safety and aviation 

promotion as equal priorities(until 

recently changed by legislation which 

only moved the statement of their 

equality to later in the law). They 

usually defer conflicts between the 2 to 

the latter priority.

    Most of those regional flights contract airline 

"operators" of major airline labeled smaller planes 

have contracts with those majors that allow payment 

only for completed flights thereby incentivising them 

to fly under less safe conditions. That creates airline 

disaster opportunities which the FAA per lesser 

safety standards by law has no power (or paradigm) 

to prevent. There are pluses I suppose, but such 

laxness by design for both pilot competence and 

aircraft maintenance is not in the society's best