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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rebuild Moore Oklahoma where Nature destroyed it TWICE?

      There are some places on Earth where nature simply won't abide the creation of "permanent" towns. The previous location of (it basically is no more) Moore Oklahoma seams obviously one of them.

       Moore Ok Tornado "Debris Ball" on Radar

       Nature is what it is and much of that includes forces beyond human control now and for a long time to come. Many of us believe the human race has done many things that helped accelerate the normal rising cycles of those forces. Whether the latter is true or not, is it appropriate for those of us able to identify incidents of human disaster obviously resulting from blatant defiance of nature's normal, well recorded, measurable and yet uncontrollable forces to remain silent in that knowledge? Should we feel obligation to sacrifice in support of continuation of that defiance?

      Somebody please tell me that the United States Treasury through FEMA isn't going to spend $billions to rebuild Moore Oklahoma where it sat before  5-20-2013. 

       I'm not saying we shouldn't help devastated homeowners rebuild. I'm saying we shouldn't help them rebuild where we can be as certain as modern science allows that they will be devastated again by the same certain yet completely uncontrollable force of nature in 10-15 years or less! 
 Paths of 3 of 5 Moore OK tornadoes in last 15 years

      Having been hit by 5 major tornadoes in 15 years, 2 of which nearly totally devastated it, killing 36 and 24 human beings each what makes Moore Oklahoma uniquely qualified to continue to defy the uncontrollable forces of nature on the US taxpayer's dime? That would be a plan for creating avoidable disaster and death for the future! FEMA has been pursuing exactly the kind of relocation plan I'm implying for many years in the cases of many residents of communities that have been repeatedly flooded in the Chicago Suburbs.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Cordless Electric Mowers: What's up

      What's up right now in the world of 

cordless electric mowing?


      One way to get started when looking to get away from the 

hassle of combustion power is to examine the reviews of 

these guys' top 10 picks as shown in the image atop this 

post. Of course I may not agree with all of them, being a ~10 

year 14" Neuton user.

      Best I can tell Greenworks has the currently most 

advanced ones in their "G-Max" lineup. Some G-Max mowers 

have 2 40v. Li-ion battery slots that gang up for longer run 

time. The same batteries are also used in the host of hand 

held power equipment (hedge trimmers, string trimmer, 

small chainsaw, blower etc.). The top of their G-Max line is a 

twin blade 20" model. 

    There's another Li-ion battery powered mower maker 

that's been making them longer, "Recharge Mower". They 

even make a battery electric riding mower, supposedly good 

for 2 acres on a charge.  Or, there's the latest models by the 

maker of  my 10 year-old Neuton (see link in 1st paragraph). 

    There was a really cool deal recently. Pep boys oddly 

enough was taking gas mowers in trade for Greenworks 

mowers: A Reel push mower with grass catcher free with 

trade, a 20" corded electric $75 with trade and a 20" cordless 

lead acid battery mower at $150 with trade.

Recharge Mowers Ultralite

      When you buy a push or self propelled walk behind 

model, make sure it's one with in-use removable battery and 

get a spare battery. Rechargeable batteries hate short cycling 

so you want to run on the battery until the sound of the 

mower (or the battery charge life indicator if it has one) tells 

you the charge is used up before recharging the battery. That 

can be in the middle of a mowing event. That spare battery 

then functions just like that can of gas you "used to keep" for 

the gas mower. Try to get one that has a charger with auto-

shut-off or at least "charge complete" indicator. Overcharging 

is bad for any rechargeable battery.

Battery Pack for Recharge Mowers Ultralite
Battery pack for Neuton 14" (CE-5 and my EM-4.1)

      Be sure to follow the links I’ve included and carefully 

check out the models referred to so you can do informed 

assessment of any found in stores you might consider buying 

and have fun picking.  

      Happy mowing with NO motor maintenance for the life of 

the mower or fluids to manage!