Bass on Bass

Saturday, May 29, 2010


I had asked for a Zoom H2 audio recorder for my birthday but my son Jon, in the media equipment business, did me one better. I just had to wait a bit. The weekend of Mothers Day he delivered my belated 61st birthday gift and the EYEBALL 2.0 web-cam(by Blue Microphones, his employer) the latter being what I had requested he acquire for me to give to his mother for her birthday 1 1/2months earlier. Apparently the guys he was dealing with were not exactly responsive, hence the delay. He supposedly got a "wicked cheap" deal on both of them. 
This Zoom Q3 will record high quality audio with it's 2 high quality microphones or video (640 x 480) with CD quality sound. Now I can capture and share video of my soon to arrive (late Sept) 1st grandson.  
I have yet to use it other than the quickie test we did on Mothers Day. Concerts and gardening have kind of gotten in the way of that since. Sadly, the installation of Jeanne's web-cam fell to the same fate so far.

Monday, May 17, 2010


I have referred to what is has happened and is happening
at the Deep Water Horizon Oil platform site as completely 
predictable. The kicker is that predictable is incorrect. 
IT WAS PREDICTED and IGNORED just like the economic 
meltdown in 2008. Mega-corporation controlled markets 
WILL DO EXACTLY THIS if left to answer to no-one for 
their actions. At present, the bailed out bad actors 
continue to play profitable games with the same bad 
assets in the same ways that precipitated the 2008 
meltdown. Will now obviously dangerous off-shore oil 
drilling go the same way? If the response of 
theoretically “Democratic” governments across 
the world is any indication, these economic 
self proclaimed Gods will be left to reek 
their havoc on human civilization completely unchecked. 
At some point in the recent past (in total human 
history terms) corporations operated within 
sovereign nations “at the convenience” of each 
nation's government. The circumstances and 
responses surrounding the cataclysms mentioned strongly 
suggest that is no longer the case. 
It would appear that these individual corporations have 
gotten so big that they form an international economic 
oligarchy, powerful enough to dictate terms of all it's 
relationships with the governments of all supposedly 
sovereign nations on the globe. The United States of 
America, it would appear, is no exception. My only 
confusion on the matter is the extent of progression 
to totality of this change in human society. 
This deification of the corporate oligarchy, 
once complete, will facilitate the total destruction 
of human civilization. These recent 2 events are 
but a foretaste of the consequences of 
concentrating so much power in so few now obviously 
fallible human hands.;housing

Thursday, May 13, 2010


This seems to happen EVERY year. Just when motivation and need meet in the garden, along comes THE FLOOD. Of course the FLOOD will only stay a few days after the end of the series of rain storms WE HOPE. Almost all of the tasks noted in the picture above are both in addition to and must precede ACTUALLY PLANTING VEGGIES!
I think our residential development was designed either to allow for alleys that were never installed  or to drain all of the lots to the common back of the lot area and away from there. A lot of the homeowners have since thwarted the latter with structures and landscaping.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


These are my 2 main lawn scourges, Creeping Charlie and Powdery Mildew.
 It's been my nemesis for many years now. Lots of Borax solution did almost nothing. Charlie was the dominant green in my back yard last year when I finally gave up on "organic" means of it's control and used Scots Turf builder +2 which did the job. Some small amount has grown back from the years of seed it deposited. I'll try pulling it up wherever I see it unless it gets out of hand. Then It'll be back to the Scots. 
Powdery Mildew
This occurs only in the front lawn where there's lots more shade and the soil has had tons of tree debris mowed down into it.
I've read about milk as a treatment and baking soda as a preventative. Both are used in water sprayed on. The milk in a 1 to 10 mix and the baking soda, 1 tbsp to a gallon. I plan to try a combination of both. Wish me luck.