Bass on Bass

Thursday, May 13, 2010


This seems to happen EVERY year. Just when motivation and need meet in the garden, along comes THE FLOOD. Of course the FLOOD will only stay a few days after the end of the series of rain storms WE HOPE. Almost all of the tasks noted in the picture above are both in addition to and must precede ACTUALLY PLANTING VEGGIES!
I think our residential development was designed either to allow for alleys that were never installed  or to drain all of the lots to the common back of the lot area and away from there. A lot of the homeowners have since thwarted the latter with structures and landscaping.


Willyvon1 said...

Actually, a contractor who's installing the new patio & backdoor stoop in a few weeks is supposed to also level out the areas between the the beds, form up the 2 5' x 3' beds on either end of the back of the garage using the "stones" shown and install the flagstone from the back of the house as stepping stones on the paths between veggie beds.
The bed outlined in blue, ~30" deep that runs along the near side of the garage in the picture will be installed by yours truly with "stones" just like those forming the borders of the current veggie beds. They're leftover from that job last spring and are neatly stacked out of view behind the rain barrel in the picture.

Willyvon1 said...

Oh, to define the scope of the task of trimming it, that hedge also runs from where the rain barrel is in the picture ~ 30' to the right to the lot line and also along the lot line for ~75' right behind the photographer(me).