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Saturday, May 29, 2010


I had asked for a Zoom H2 audio recorder for my birthday but my son Jon, in the media equipment business, did me one better. I just had to wait a bit. The weekend of Mothers Day he delivered my belated 61st birthday gift and the EYEBALL 2.0 web-cam(by Blue Microphones, his employer) the latter being what I had requested he acquire for me to give to his mother for her birthday 1 1/2months earlier. Apparently the guys he was dealing with were not exactly responsive, hence the delay. He supposedly got a "wicked cheap" deal on both of them. 
This Zoom Q3 will record high quality audio with it's 2 high quality microphones or video (640 x 480) with CD quality sound. Now I can capture and share video of my soon to arrive (late Sept) 1st grandson.  
I have yet to use it other than the quickie test we did on Mothers Day. Concerts and gardening have kind of gotten in the way of that since. Sadly, the installation of Jeanne's web-cam fell to the same fate so far.

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