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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

ECO SLICE: appearing in a store near you in 2015?

Well it’s happened. A few weeks ago the USPTO published the utility patent application for my “Improved rotary mower blade" design concept. Now the REAL work begins, the kind I’m totally inexperienced at. That’s actually getting a mower maker to purchase the licensing rights to get it into the marketplace. Here’s the page 1 abstract from the published application and a photo of the prototype made from a standard Neuton 14” blade next to another unmodified blade. 

Months ago I applied for a trademark for this logo my graphic artist son Geoffrey and I came up with.

Part of that REAL work is coming up with some empirical test data on the comparison in performance, Eco Slice modified vs standard Neuton 14” blade. I intend to modify a battery pack for my Neuton EM 4.1 such that a logging meter measuring current, voltage and wattage can be connected in series / parallel arrangement with it in use. Here's an image of another example of the type of meter needed.

We’ll test with the Eco Slice and the standard blades alternately, running the mower through as near to identical patches of grass as possible, video recording the whole thing. Heretofore I’ve only performed the test subjectively comparing relative audible motor pitch which of course resulted in a higher more consistent pitch with the Eco Slice blade as the mower was pushed faster through thick grass.
We'll see if my estimate of between 10% and 40% energy consumption savings is valid. 
Wish me luck?