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Monday, May 17, 2010


I have referred to what is has happened and is happening
at the Deep Water Horizon Oil platform site as completely 
predictable. The kicker is that predictable is incorrect. 
IT WAS PREDICTED and IGNORED just like the economic 
meltdown in 2008. Mega-corporation controlled markets 
WILL DO EXACTLY THIS if left to answer to no-one for 
their actions. At present, the bailed out bad actors 
continue to play profitable games with the same bad 
assets in the same ways that precipitated the 2008 
meltdown. Will now obviously dangerous off-shore oil 
drilling go the same way? If the response of 
theoretically “Democratic” governments across 
the world is any indication, these economic 
self proclaimed Gods will be left to reek 
their havoc on human civilization completely unchecked. 
At some point in the recent past (in total human 
history terms) corporations operated within 
sovereign nations “at the convenience” of each 
nation's government. The circumstances and 
responses surrounding the cataclysms mentioned strongly 
suggest that is no longer the case. 
It would appear that these individual corporations have 
gotten so big that they form an international economic 
oligarchy, powerful enough to dictate terms of all it's 
relationships with the governments of all supposedly 
sovereign nations on the globe. The United States of 
America, it would appear, is no exception. My only 
confusion on the matter is the extent of progression 
to totality of this change in human society. 
This deification of the corporate oligarchy, 
once complete, will facilitate the total destruction 
of human civilization. These recent 2 events are 
but a foretaste of the consequences of 
concentrating so much power in so few now obviously 
fallible human hands.;housing


defgeoff productions said...

objects in mirror are closer than they appear! haha

Willyvon1 said...

I know it's uncomfortable to think that your government doesn't know what it's doing or worse knows and fails to care enough to serve the safety of it's people. I've worked for the US Government for close to 40 years prior to retirement last Nov. and can assure you that there are enough lazy or corrupted people all the way up and down the chain in all agencies to make both so! The only way those that do know are ever enabled and/or made to act in our interests is by political pressure.

There's plenty of evidence that they(the corporations involved) had adequate information about the fact that what they had in place for worker, public and environmental safety at the Deep Water Horizon was totally inadequate and or damaged. Anyone who bothered to look at that information or worse, bring it to the Corporations' attention were either silenced or failing that, fired! Corrections where even available for the deep water operations cost money and lost oil pumping time the corporations failed to consider "worth it". In essence anyone's or thing's safety wasn't worth a second of lost oil pumping. They're in the business of profiting from delivery of oil, not saving the world from any consequences of same!!
Don't get me wrong. I KNOW there are plenty of good concerned people in government. It's just that there's very rarely profit to be made from giving them the where-with-all to "do the right thing".
The oil industry is the most powerful industry in the world. Their influence over governments is therefor MASSIVE. It will take a massive groundswell of public action to counter it. Since as I stated before, there is no possibility they will self regulate anywhere close to as much as the SURVIVAL of human civilization REQUIRES, governments MUST be made to do so!