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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


     I need to start by stating that I HAVE NO PROOF OF THIS. I am merely speculating on the basis of what the pharmaceutical industry is really about, what % of all medical research is conducted or funded by them and what similarly profit motivated executives did in the financial industry leading up to the events of 2008.
     Let's start by defining what they are about. The pharmaceutical industry is about the TREATMENT not the CURE of disease. They are all for profit entities. They exist in order to profit from disease. There are HUGE profits to be made from Treatments for victims of diabetes, cancer, hypertension, high cholesterol etc., not from curing any of them. Any cure ends all demand for treatment for the subject disease. In several recent years they were the most profitable industry on Planet Earth. It's safe to say that can't happen without serious dedication to that profit. 
     The latter can be said of the staffs of the major banks we had to bail out since 2008. It's also safe to say that industry collapsed due to some fairly extreme profit pursuit practices. 
     In the pharmaceutical industry, I believe there are some similarly extreme practices that have been ongoing for many years.  They conduct and or fund a huge percentage of all disease research in this country and around the world. What  do you think are the odds of any cures seeing the light of day that may have been stumbled  upon by researchers bound to these fiercely profit motivated companies? Remember, a cure made available ends the revenue stream from sales of treatment drugs for the subject disease. Just think, how much money is made from drugs to treat, not cure diabetes, cancer, hypertension, heart disease etc? How much money is made from drugs to treat victims of polio or small pox?

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