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Monday, December 12, 2011

Mow the snow?

    Actually this shows you exactly how the  Austrian style  scythe blade moves across the ground in a super efficient manner, requiring no effort to hold it above the ground, unlike the American style scythe. In the grass the blade is too well hidden for it's action to be this obvious. Based on what I've read and seen on this website, I'm almost ready to get one, let my grass grow a little higher than usual and try it out in the back yard. Obviously, the Austrian scythe would be the one I'd buy. I have to read a bunch more and probably wait for a reply to my website message to this guy to decide exactly what type and size blade to get with any scythe I'd purchase. Success in any endeavor is all about just such details.
    Check out some of the rest of the pages on the website linked to in the highlighted text above. 

    This guy with his near perfect technique, shows just why I see this as probably the most efficient hand tool ever invented by man. That's why it fascinates me so much.

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