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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Homeowner mowers: a quantum leap

 I am particularly lucky to be living at this time in history. Being one who is interested in the mechanics of lawn mowing, I doubt I could have lived in a better time. We are experiencing the convergence of commonality of formal lawns and the emergence of technology that offers a quantum leap in energy efficiency for the machines used to manicure those lawns. That quantum leap in technology includes both enormous leaps in DC electric motor designs and similar leaps in rechargeable battery designs. At the same time I have been gifted the experience and insight necessary to introduce a major improvement in rotary blade design that can amplify the impact of those 2 major leaps in power mowing technology.
The simple fact is that is that per reasonable standards for both user convenience and efficiency of conversion of stored energy to accomplished mowing, for the average homeowner mower operator, the best of current cordless electric mowers are superior beyond comparison to the best of current gasoline powered mowers. 

Above is the current version of the cordless electric mower I have been using for over a decade, has just now begun to show the first signs of need for ANY motor maintenance, and is the platform on which the first, not quite perfect prototype of my new blade design showed it's superiority. It's the Neuton CE5 14" cordless electric mower with 24v SLA battery pack. Below is what I consider the epitome of the "cutting edge" of available cordless electric mowers. It Is the Greenworks G-Max Twin Force 20" twin blade 40v Lithium Ion battery powered mower.

Previous to it's introduction what I considered the latest and greatest was the Recharge Mowers Ultralite, seen below. 
 The state of the art in power systems clearly lies in Lithium Ion battery power.  
The state of the art in blade technology is about to change. That is if the makers of these wonderful machines have the wisdom to license the blade design I am in the process of patenting. Tentatively I am calling it the Eco-Slice Blade Concept (patent and website pending).

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