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Monday, May 9, 2016

The Carbon Combustion Behemoth: Status of the Rebellion

    This man. Elon Musk is perhaps the most well known of the purveyors of hope for those of us wise enough to see that the behemoth of the collective carbon combustion power and fuels "industries" is dedicated to pursuit of a path certain to take life on our planet Earth as we know it into extinction. Most of his fellow illuminators of truth are the so far successful targets of silencing by that financially dominant "behemoth".
                                                                Tesla roadster

                                                                 Tesla Model S                       

                                                                 Tesla Powerwall

                                                                  Tesla Model 3

    The evidence of that Behemoth's influence is everywhere. A few years ago my local Ace Hardware store carried an array of cordless electric lawnmowers, albeit small and already then out of date technologically. Today they carry none! They are not alone. There are a few bright spots though none seem to be where any evidence of spreading wisdom on this subject would be indicated, the small franchise retailers of homeowner supplies and equipment.
    Some of the Big Box retailers like Menards and Home Depot carry some of the best options, if still in the minority of the variety of mowers etal they stock. 
    I live in La Grange Park, a very typical in lot size suburb of Chicago. My 7200 square feet lot, also quite typical of the area, once the space for the house, garage, shed, planting beds, driveway, patio and sidewalk pavement and hedges are deducted leaves approximately 2400-2500 square feet of lawn to mow. Many homeowners in the area have considerably less lawn area and a minority somewhat larger lawns.
    Every spring, summer and fall day in my neighborhood and others nearby, we residents are assaulted at various times of the day with the loud drone of commercial combustion mowers, trimmers and blowers of the several lawn services that many of our fellow residents have resorted to using vs the overcomplicated combustion equipment they used to employ to do the work themselves. 

    It's sad, really, as many of them might have found out how much simpler cordless electrics would have made their work and opted for that had the "behemoth" not so completely misinformed them.

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