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Monday, July 26, 2010



I watched this episode "Silence of The Bees" a few minutes ago on WTTW Prime. Their experts put forth the possible outcome that we'll be left with only foods from wind pollinated plants, mostly grass grains, wheat rye corn etc. should the Bee colony collapse epidemic not be stopped. They understate the result for human existence.
It's ironic that they attribute a share of blame for the CCD events to malnutrition in the bees from monoculture which they are exposed to in our vast areas of 1 crop, typically 1 variety. They realize that the bees REQUIRE greater variety of plants to have normal good health with fully functional immune systems yet they speak as if humanity will have no such threat to survival from depletion of physical health due to loss of food source variety. If we lose food variety we will lose essential nutrients required for survival.

We already know this occurs in poor urban populations due to lack of access to the more expensive foods, being left with access to only the "fast foods", high in carbs and fat but low in all the other nutrients equally essential to anything but POOR HEALTH. For humanity as well as bees, variety is much, much more than just the “Spice of life”. IT IS ESSENTIAL TO LIFE.

The more I think about this pollinating species thing( it goes WAY beyond the honey bees)in my mind it keeps coming back to one HUGE fact of modern agriculture , the UNIVERSALITY of monoculture. Even this total reliance on the honey bees is an aspect of that. Nature will have it's way. Nature ABHORS monoculture and WILL thwart mankind's psychotic insistence on it. These farmers that INSIST on planting every square inch of their hundreds of acres each in a single crop and then must pay beekeepers many thousand of dollars each to place their hives on the fields are blind! They could certainly do much better returning a portion of the land to naturalized fence-rows for natural pollinator habitat. Work with nature rather than trying to BEAT it into submission?
Nature has had thousands of times as long as mankind's existence to develop ways to KICK OUR ASS and most certainly will do so if we don't stop trying to do same to nature.

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