Bass on Bass

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Now that's the way to tour with the family! The RAGBRAI staff hauls all the other gear from stop to stop. It mentions Wilson tinkering to make the tandem into a 4 person bike. Actually, though no small bit of "tinkering" in itself,  he only added the 3rd position to the tandem. The 3rd wheel unit and the Burley trailer attached to same exactly as it would be to any bicycle, are off the shelf items. There must be 2 toddlers in the Burley. We have a 1st generation Burley Trailer that's sat undisturbed in the back corner of our backyard shed for >20 years. I doubt the boys can remember our little jaunts we took with it while their mother worked weekend shifts at Oak Park Hospital's laboratory.  

I remember taking a ride over from Omaha to Crescent IA back in ~1976 to see the start of RAGBRAI. It used to run much nearer Des Moines. I also remember feeling like an old wet "rag" "bro" at the end of my ride. That whole area of Omaha to well past Crescent is just hill after hill after hill, the whole way. 
The 1st R in RAGBRAI = Des Moines Register, the original sole sponsor.

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