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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Crusade For Battery Powered Snow-blowers

Toro Power Curve 1800

     I'm sort of on a personal crusade to convince makers of battery powered lawnmowers, greater than ever before in numbers and offered model options, to get into offering user removable battery powered small snow blowers. 

                              Neuton EM 4.1
This "Crusade" grows out of my 1 year of use of a corded electric Toro 1800 snow-blower, 10 years or so of happy use of my Neuton EM 4.1 cordless electric mower and somewhat extensive research of equipment options in this area. I love the snow-blower's performance but HATE managing and avoiding business end contact with the cord midst use in the cold of winter.
       One need only note the effectiveness of corded electric snow-blowers and the comparable power and capabilities of corded and cordless electric mowers to see there's now no power advantage of corded(AC) motor power over cordless(battery/ DC) power for these functions. My experience shows me that there's no advantage for gas powered like size mowers over (user removable battery) battery electric mowers either.

      The user removable battery design item is much more important with snow-blowers than mowers because of the sensitivity of most types of rechargeable batteries to extreme low and high temperatures. The ability of users to bring charged batteries from the house to the  unheated shed or garage stored snow-blower for use is therefor key to usefully effective battery powered performance. Also, for all like sized battery powered equipment, the spare battery packs become the exact equivalent of the gas can for combustion powered units 
RechargeMower  Ultralite = 35lbs with battery

        Lithium ion battery powered mowers now on the market demonstrate that the user removable battery packs need not be very heavy

Recharge Mower Li-ion 36vdc battery pack

18V Lawncare Center with Charging and Storage Station


I envision designs that parallel many makers' current small battery powered yard maintenance equipment lines which share the same model battery pack between all equipment line items. They usually include string trimmer, hedge trimmer, blower and sometimes even small chain-saws /pole saws. The Black & Decker CM1936 mower and their new front tine tiller share the same model of user removable 36vDC battery pack (no snow blower yet) and are a perfect example of that vision. 

36V 19" Self-Propelled Rechargeable Mower with Removable Battery

                    36V Cordless Cultivator/Tiller

36V Battery for CM1936

      With any such set of devices come battery packs for each. If anyone owns 2 of the line's devices, that person has 2 battery packs usable with either to extend the length of the single device's use session. Again, it's just like what that can of gas does for a gas engine powered device. 
       Any makers' ears access you might be able to lend to this "crusade" would be most greatly appreciated.


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Here's an example of how inexpensive rechargeable battery mowing can be.