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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"Wrong Guy" not "Wronger Guy" Elected President

     Well ... I no longer have reason to fear the "wronger" guy 

being in the White House. I don't believe the "right" guy was 

on the ballot, just wrong and wronger. It's not that I believe 

Obama lacks the right ideas for our future. He just lacks 

some of the other assets necessary to make them reality.

     This is going to sound almost treasonous but Vladimir 

Putin is someone with most of those "other assets" Mr 

Obama appears to lack. He just applies them to service of 

horrendously wrong ideas.

     It's like the last 1 or 2 Illinois gubernatorial elections, one 

of which may actually have had a "right guy" (or gal) on the 

ballot,  just under the wrong "Party Banner" to capture 

enough votes for election.

     My best hope is that Mr Obama will prove my evaluation 

of his access to those "other assets" completely wrong.

        And yes, it appears Mr Romney, my "wronger guy", was 

listening to the wrong voice from which to divine his own 

"destiny" or maybe misinterpreted the message.


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