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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

50 years later: the "Dream" yet unfulfilled?

    Today is the 50th anniversary of a very great event for the general populace of this nation. Whereas the plight of the Negro population of this country may be somewhat less oppressive, at least in the bowels of what was considered then to be the centers of that oppression, the fact is that the separation of the people has never, not even then, been more dramatic nor more unjust. Though the racial separation may not be as dramatic, the separation of a privileged few vs the masses in the USA is far greater than 50 years ago! Who now stands as the Martin Luther King of our age of possibly even greater economic and political injustice? 
  As he said the evening before is death 5 years later, he may have "seen the promised land" but we have yet to reach it!

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