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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Evolving Ornamental Pepper Variety?

    Evidence of plant evolution? I grew these before, ~ 2 and 3 years ago from seed from the same vendor just like this year. Back then the Tricolor Variegata Pepper plants were much more compact and more variegated in leaf than these. The same changed in nature plant form is present in all of the 6 or so places they've been planted this year.
    The photo doesn't do these plants justice. They have lovely little ~1/4" pinkish purple blossoms which produce very small fruits that emerge a deep purple and, over time, mature to either red or orange. The leaves, only some of them this year, have a random, first white and sometimes also purple variegations. I still love them though the new growth habit doesn't fit this location perfectly.

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Willyvon1 said...

We had Geoff, Joi and Jon over for dinner on Saturday per Jon and Joi picking up Liam. Liam, his papou's little 1Y/O monkey man, stayed overnight with us on Friday. Per geoff's prior request for the Tricolor Veriegata pepper fruits to make a hot sauce from, the 4 of us picked quite a few while Jeanne cleaned up from dinner. Jon decided to taste one. His reaction was pretty funny. He used to be Mr hot stuff but Geoffs when he bit into the rest of it, the seeded / hotter end of the pepper, was less strong. I guess Jon's taste for heat has waned a bit. I'm not about to try them though.