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Friday, July 22, 2011

KidKarraige by Nashbar-A BEST BUY

    I received my canopy last Friday that was missing from the Kid Karriage box. I got to try it out yesterday going to the grocery store. It pulls well. Almost the best feature is that it folds up for storage in about 5 min. It fits nicely in the trunk of my Corolla. With the hitch rack, it'll be no problem to take it and the bike(s) out to Aurora and go riding with Liam in it on any of the many trails out there in the Fox River valley. Oh, when I ordered this on line, I also ordered a toddler helmet for my little guy, The one with bunny rabbits on it. Gotta keep his little cranium  safe. It's really cute too.
                                                              Here is the trailer all folded up
    The hitch clamps onto the bike frame just forward of the wheel dropout on the side opposite the chain. The strap gets run around it all and clipped back to the hitch for safety. The hitch pin gets removed and re-attached in the extra hole with the hitch arm folded back under and secured there by the pin for storage / transport. 
    You can see where the "Safe Use Instructions" sticker is visable. It's very clear and concise.
    Safe use instructions for the seat are printed on the seat's fabric in 2-3 places as well, equally clear and concise.
 This is one of the tethered hitch pins, the one for the hitch arm.
   This is how the wheels attach, held in place with another hitch pin.
      Not bad for $100 new, huh? It compares favorably with the trailers I've seen in stores. None of them beat it on price or simplicity. All of the comparable ones go for ~$250, nearly $100 more than this one's $159.99 regular price. These are on sale now.

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Willyvon1 said...

There ia a stroller attachment kit available for $19.99 now, $24.99 regular price.