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Friday, July 29, 2011

Grubs...we don' need no stinking grubs

    Grubs and their associated damage WILL be appearing in lawns all across Chicagoland in the next month or 2. It's no worry for me though. Over-seeding this and it's sister grass seed products for ~18 yrs + milky spore treatment back then have made sure of it. These "endophytic" grasses bare a fungus on roots that injects plant-eater toxin into the grass. DON"T GRAZE ANYTHING on this stuff. 
   These grass plants' roots go up to 4' to 6' deep so I have to water maybe once a year.
    The picture is Gardens Alive's main promo photo for the product. A picture of our lawn though nice wouldn't be any revealing thing since we've just received the most rain for any July on record, just in the last week or so. That'd leave ANY lawn green.    
    I'm not sure it's a down side, certainly not for my veggie plants, but all the neighborhood rabbits have learned to stay away from my yard. I guess once or twice getting sick from eating the grass taught them all.

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Willyvon1 said...

Another organic grub killing method which I never had much success with is application of "beneficial nematodes". They're micro-worms that attack and parasitize all insect larvae, which is what the grubs are. The kicker is you have to take delivery and apply them quickly after they're packaged to insure enough live nematodes actually reach the pre-dampened soil of the lawn. Here are some sources.