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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ah Spring...GOTTA MOW GRASS!*!*!

Spring is sprung. The birds are singing. The lawn is getting to be a beautiful green. Uh oh, grass is greening up, that means we GOTTA MOW THE GRASS, right? No problem pilgrim.We need the exercise anyway, having been slugs all winter. I know, speak for yourself (myself). All that being said, who really wants to mess around with all that smelly gas and oil necessary to use those gas guzzler mowers? Again, no problem pilgrim. There has never been a greater selection of rechargeable battery powered electric mowers. In the last 10 years or so there have been some real advancements in both battery and DC electric motor technologies. The average battery powered mower is ~ $300-$400 these days which is definitely competitive with quality gas powered mowers. I even saw a riding mower that's battery powered on line. Not being in the market( I have < 3000sq ft of lawn) I didn't check out comparative pricing on that one. I've been mowing with COM ED( Chicago) for 5 years now via my little old Neuton EM 4.1 14" mower. This mower is so quiet I can carry on a conversation with someone while mowing along, I've done so on the front lawn a bunch of times  due to folks stopping to ask about it. They see I'm using an electric mower and are grabbed by the absence of a cord. 
 A major question I get is how long does it run on a charge? I can mow my ~ 3000 sq ft at least 1 1/2 times on a charge. I have 3 removable battery packs primarily for mulching down the fall leaves in place, but that's a whole other posting.
I wouldn't go back to gas if you paid me to. 
Check out the options here:

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