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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Driven to trellis

Vertical gardening: trellises are how I do it. I came up with this design after a coworker mentioned he made his out of electrical conduit. Sadly, that coworker died of a heart attack at 48 years old. You can't over estimate the benefits of marriage to the right woman. He was a bachelor. He was also the one who came up with the Saint Jeanne name for my wife. I'd say he knew me pretty well. I digress. The instructions in the picture and below are what I sent about the trellis design to my niece in Florida responding to her plea for guidance in starting a garden.

I use that style of clamp, drilling the arch for the screw so the top can be better supported by the 3/4' (or 1' if you chose) conduit verticals. I ran out of room in the picture for the last assembly instructions. All that was left was to drill the pilot hole for the screw attachment of the top to the verticals, screw them on and pull down the netting. I weigh the netting down with another extra assembled cross piece woven in at the bottom of the net. The fencepost driver is a big tube like thing with handles on the sides and a steel hammer welded inside at one end. You slide it over the post you've hand started and bring the internal "hammer down" repeatedly until the post (the 3/4" x 10' conduit here) is driven in a couple of feet. A link to a fence post driver is just below, as well as 1 for an example of trellis netting.
            Try it and have fun. 

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Willyvon1 said...

Fool that I am, for many years until last year I loaded the netting as above. Then I realized it's MUCH easier to weave the netting onto the verticals from a ladder and then weave the cross-member at the top before securing it with the screws!