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Friday, April 30, 2010


The perfect design for pouring creamer into a coffee cup is also just about the perfect design for pouring water into a planting  pot! 
Saving the environment is on everyone's mind these days. The Public Service spots all emphasize "Reduce Reuse, Recycle". The coffee creamer makers have given the home gardeners of the world a great opportunity to do just that with their liquid creamer containers.. The 32oz size is shown above but I use the smaller size to wet-down the newly seeded 6-packs before placing them in the trays of my plant starting rack. It's just a bit easier to manage than the 32oz bottle while holding the 6-pack in the other hand.

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Willyvon1 said...

Now, all we have to do is get them to narrow the diameter a ~ 10-15% when, not if, they down-size the container and we'll have a decent BICYCLING water bottle! Check that, the smaller size International one already works fine!