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Sunday, April 18, 2010


This has been my Sunday morning home for many years now, Grace Episcopal Church of Hinsdale IL. It's a place of Faith, Hope and Love, of worship and fellowship. There's a unique benefit for those of us in the choir at Grace. The nave is laid out , as it is in some other Episcopal churches, with the choir seated split facing each other on both sides of the aisle from the congregation to the communion rail / altar. The choir receives the sacrament first after the Eucharistic ministers, acolytes and priests. We in the choir are seated while the congregation files past us to receive "the feast". Most families with children attend the 1 service per week at which the choir sings. That means we get to watch all the little people and their parents interacting up close during communion. I dearly love that. You literally can't not get a smile out of watching those obviously well loved little faces and those of their parents as they pass. At the risk of being sacrilegious, I leaned over to the tenor next to me after we returned to our seats following reception of the Eucharist today and whispered  "dinner and a show". Obviously it's much more than that but this grandpa to be is going to enjoy the little people as much as possible for as long as God allows me on this earth.

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