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Saturday, April 17, 2010


So.. my wife Jeanne took her godson and our oldest son to the Cubs came today.  I drove them to the CTA train in Forrest Park. I've been on sort of a kick about being unable to figure out how the Cubs could afford a $136M 8 year contract (From 2006) with an outfielder who can't find or catch a baseball. Yes pilgrim, I'm talking about the not so great Alphonso Soriano. Anyway I couldn't help but ask how many he blew today when I picked them up at the train station after the game. They told me it was 2. It would appear he's on track to dwarf his previous record for errors per season of 23. At $17M per year or about $100,000 per game for his totally absent fielding skills you'd think Cubs management would pop for a personal fielding coach for the guy or better yet Al baby showing ANY sense of resposibility to his source of outrageous largess and HIRE ONE FROM THIS YEAR'S $17,000,000.

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Willyvon1 said...

I wonder if the Really Great Willy Mays ever made for a whole year what Awful Alphonso makes for each and every game in the season?