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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another year of gardening

Very interesting thing today, I FINALLY got around to starting the tomato and pepper seeds today and discovered evidence of a "senior moment" weeks ago when I ordered my seeds on line. There were no tomato seeds in the order! The 3-4 varieties I intended to order never made it into the final list.

True to my usual luck, the local ACE still had a full compliment of tomato varieties on their seeds racks. I found and purchased 4 varieties worth growing.

Into the "dungeon" they went, "secured" in new 6-packs and onto the ~20 year old planting "RACK".

I also started some basil and oregano. Those oregano seeds are MICROSCOPIC. I could barely feel them between finger and thumb. There was no way I could see most of them against the soil-less mix in the six-pack.

So starts the yearly adventure in gardening. Will it do as well as last year's shown above?

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